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UPDATE: BPA Board Approves the Reporting of Non-Requested Electronic Circ in Its Audit Statements

Non-requested digital circ must be reported as "non-qualified."

After months of discussion and debate between circulators and BPA Worldwide, the organization's Board of Directors has approved the reporting of non-requested electronic circulation in its audit statements, AD learned today at the Audience Development Conference + Expo in Chicago.

According to Glenn Schutz, manager, communications, BPA Worldwide, the Board approved "the reporting of non-requested electronic circ as non-qualified circulation with a paragraph 9 additional comment documenting the sources used."

Schutz added that the Board will also allow "publishers to convert their print customers to digital editions with the provisions that they notify the customers of the change and give them the ability to opt-out." Also, non-request digital circulation can only be reported as "non-qualified" provided the recipients meet the publication's stated Field Served and Definition of Recipient Qualifications parameters. In other words, the subscribers' business and titles have to meet the magazine's stated business/industry and title/function parameters.

The approval comes just four months after BPA president Glenn Hansen announced that the bureau was considering whether to allow publishers to report non-request electronic circulation in their audits. Circulators were given the change to voice their opinions through Hansen's blog on the BPA Worldwide Web site.


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