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Mother Jones Hits Second Quarter Digital Groove

Magazine's Web site jumps 125 percent in unique visitors.

Mother Jones, the bimonthly investigative journalism news magazine, announced Tuesday that its Web site jumped 125 percent in unique visitors for the second quarter 2010. Helping that growth spurt was social media, which referred 676 percent more traffic than same period last year.

June alone saw 1.3 million uniques, which is a record for the site.

Steve Katz, the magazine's publisher, attributes the growing traffic to the 210,000-circ. magazine's reporting, which has lately zeroed in on the BP oil spill and the political drama of Washington. "These results show that there's an audience for Mother Jones' smart, sharp journalism that puts the stories of the day in deeper context," he said in a statement.

The traffic has made its impact on revenues as well. Katz reported a 61 percent jump in digital revenue for the second quarter compared to last year. And the magazine, which benefits from reader donations in addition to its advertising and subscription revenues, has seen this channel bounce 339 percent via Web donations.

The magazine also credits its involvement in a journalistic collaboration on climate change reporting with The Atlantic, the Center for Investigative Reporting, Grist, Slate, Wired, and WNET's Need to Know as a contributor to the brand's burgeoning popularity online.

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