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Meredith Increases Rate Bases of 3 Hispanic Titles

The uptick includes Siempre Mujer, Ser Padres and Ser Padres Espera.

Hispanic media brands under the Meredith Corporation are expanding due to an increasing demand—Siempre MujerSer Padres and Ser Padres Espera will have larger rate bases beginning with February 2012.
Women’s lifestyle publication Siempre Mujer, which launched in 2005, has seen a 60 percent increase since its initial debut. The title will go to 550,000, up from 500,000—the boost represents an increase of 200,000 since its initial launch.
Parenting magazine Ser Padres’ increase represents a 22 percent expansion—the title is going to 850,000 from 700,000. Within the past three years this title has increased from an initial rate base of 500,000, a total increase of 70 percent. Ser Padres Espera—a magazine for expecting moms—will see a 14 percent increase this winter, going to 400,000 from 350,000.
“This growth reflects the continued demand for our titles among the growing marketplace of young, active Hispanic consumers,” says Enedina Vega-Amaez, publisher for Meredith Hispanic Ventures. “It also demonstrates how well our strong editorial vitality and relevant content appeals to modern Hispanic women and parents.”
The increase comes as data from the U.S. Census Bureau reveals the demographics’ growth: by 2050, it is projected that Hispanics will account for 24.4 percent of the total population, which represents about 103 million individuals. According to a report released by the Pew Hispanic Research Center late last month, Hispanic media is also fairing better than mainstream media.
Other niche market publications, like ALL YOUFood Network MagazineVegetarian Times and regional European and Asian editions of Bloomberg Businessweek, have also announced rate base increases in 2011.

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