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Haute Living Introduces Media Network

Company rolls out 5 new luxe niche sites to enhance content offerings.

In an effort to extend the company’s portfolio, Haute Media Group is introducing a group of niche sites focused on the luxury consumer demographic. The move to launch these initial 5 media products came after HauteLiving.com, the national luxury lifestyle website for Haute Living magazine, began generating at least 20,000 unique visitors per day.

HauteLiving.com is one of the most visited luxury websites in the world,” says Seth Semilof, publisher, Haute Living Media Group. “We realized that we had so much information that we wanted to start building niche luxury sites. Instead of making it difficult for people to find specific content, we built these sites that are going to be communities that share a same interest in ultra-luxury products.”

The sites in the new media network include HauteTime, showcasing luxury watch content; HauteAuto, which displays high-end automotive content; HauteResidence, providing content on the luxury real estate market; HauteYatchs, a hub for luxury yachting content; and HauteFashionDaily, a compilation of news, profiles and interviews from inside the luxury fashion world.

Semilof says the grouped developed a technology called “locator” to help drive interaction. If someone visits HauteTime.com and reads an article about a watch, for example, the locator helps individuals locate the product and buy it through an authorized dealer.

“We picked these groups because we have the most access and content in these areas,” says Semilof. “I just had breakfast with the global Rolls Royce CEO—because our brand has such access, we have an advantage. Most Internet-only companies cannot gain access to the people we have access to because we’re print and online. We’ve been wanting to build a business model that gives people access; we’ll be delivering exclusive content that merits the attention of our consumers.”

The publisher says that about 85 percent of content for these sites will be developed exclusively for the Internet, while the remaining 15 percent will be feature stories repurposed from the print magazine. The print magazine will be used to promote the new sites, and beat-specific writers will be used to create content for each of these individual properties, updating one to four times daily. Additionally, each of these new sites will have individual social media accounts.

“If you like watches and every day you see updates on yachts, it doesn’t bring you value,” says Semilof. “We realized that it is probably best for us to make niche sites that are specific for people’s wants—you don’t need to be on Facebook reading about cars and yachts if you love watches. You wouldn’t want to be part of that social media platform if you’re getting updates on things that aren’t of interest.”


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