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Source and RDA Team Up On Circulation Services

Management of newsstand strategy is cornerstone of the alliance.

The Media Source, a division of Source Interlink Companies, has formed a partnership with the Reader’s Digest Association (RDA)—Source will now manage the association’s newsstand circulation strategy.

“We will manage [and] provide guidance on their single copy newsstand strategy,” says Stephanie Justice, EVP and chief administrative officer for Source Interlink Companies. “In other words, [we will] put together a plan that will grow their sales through putting copies of their magazines at retail where they are most likely to sell.”

Financial and key terms of the deal, says Justice, are not being disclosed.

Justice adds that the service line was formally established over a year ago and cites the changing economic landscape and transition from “print-centric” to “platform-agnostic” as one of the reasons RDA is stepping back from managing this side of their business.

“The Media Source provides creative solutions across several segments of the media business including production, manufacturing, procurement, circulation and digital infrastructure, which allows its partners to focus their resources on the more pressing aspects of their transitioning businesses,” a news release from the company says.

The announcement comes just before results showing a dismal third quarter for RDA—revenue decreased by $82.3 million or 26.3 percent when comparing the same period in 2011.

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