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Wired Increases Rate Base For 11th Consecutive Year

Total circ grew 5 percent year-over-year.

Condé Nast’s technology and culture publication Wired magazine will be raising its rate base for the 11th consecutive year in its short 20-year life. The publication’s rate base will rise by 3 percent or 25,000 to 825,000.

Total circulation for the magazine is also currently at an all-time high at 837,966—a 5 percent year-over-year jump, a 13 percent growth when compared to three years ago and a 24 percent growth over the past five years.

“From the time we launched, we have been in the unique situation of following, chronicling, and ultimately, participating in an innovation-based revolution that's moving from the West Coast to the East Coast,” says vice president and publisher of Wired, Howard Mittman.

Mittman says that since the Wired audience is focused on technology and media that the brand’s digital presence has helped to increase reader interest overall.

“This reversal of the traditional media path has put us in a very fortunate situation to support and nurture the growth of this brand as the world increasingly becomes more wired,” he says. “The strength of our digital assets have put Wired in a place where consumers not only want, but expect us to transport our content across mediums in a way that its not fractured but layered and accessible.  It's our obsessive need to ensure that the benefits of responsive design don't simply stop with the digital offerings, but that they extend out into the physical offerings and everything else that we do.”

The publisher adds that the brand’s audience marketing and circulation strategies focus on developing relationships with potential community members to raise awareness worldwide about the magazine and its associated properties. While the physical rate base announcement does buck the trend many print publications are currently experiencing, Mittman stopped short of endorsing a digital rate base strategy similar to what The Economist announced late last month.

“By wedding our tablet product to the ABC statement, and clearly making a statement that the tablet offering and the magazine offering are one in the same, Condé Nast took a much bolder step than merely laying claim to a digital rate base,” he says. “As for Wired, we are delivering 220,000 digital copies per month: 100,000 of them are unique digital-only copies and another 120,000 subscriber downloads each month. Additionally, more than 2 million people have downloaded our tablet container since its launch. We have had extraordinary success in capitalizing on the increased engagement and loyalty of our tablet product to push the average subscription price significantly higher. This is all evidence that it's not a rate base strategy, or digital rate base strategy that matters. Media brands need a responsive and consistent content strategy that allows for flexibility and inclusiveness for their communities. That's how we continue to gain scale inside and outside of the tablet.”

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