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Associations Look to Magazines to Enhance Membership Experience

Society of Interventional Radiology, National Association of Home Builders launch new pubs.

In an effort to better serve their members, two associations are jumping into the magazine publishing business—the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) have each launched new magazines to better communicate critical information and industry updates to their core groups.

SIR will publish IR Quarterly in both digital and print formats. The magazine will focus on features and in-depth news with comprehensive reporting on issues important to its membership. The print publication will drop with an initial run of 5,000. Both the hard copy and browser-based digital edition will be available to members only, with the possibility of subscriptions in the future as the market demands.

IR Quarterly will serve as an essential resource that showcases the value of nonsurgical treatments and addresses the myriad issues that loom larger in health care today,” SIR president Marshall E. Hicks, says in a statement. “The publication will reflect the strength and breadth of the interventional radiological community and the Society’s long-term vision for interventional radiology as the first choice in image-guided therapy.”

The magazine will be published in January, April, July and October, and will be free for SIR members. The publication will accept advertising and the association is considering a tablet option and a more robust digital platform in the near future. IR Quarterly’s editorial board members plan, develop and review content, and the publication also has a dedicated managing editor on staff.

“SIR publications have earned readers’ loyalty by staying relevant, and IR Quarterly will continue tin that tradition with timely, germane content of interest to interventional radiology practitioners, trainees, clinical associates, scientists and allied medical health professionals,” says Hicks.

National Association of Home Builders

While SIR is looking to a multi-platform magazine, the NAHB is going-digital only with its launch. The emagazine, Best in American Living, will launch as a quarterly publication to showcase the value and importance of good design.

The magazine will also focus on the latest consumer insights, marketing trends and the policy and regulatory framework that sets the stage for what can be built. It will include case studies, recent news, features and commentary.

The magazine will be supported through advertising and is free to members, and by a $15 subscription for non-members. A dedicated staff will write for the magazine, as well as subject-matter experts. This digital magazine, says the association, is browser-based.

“As the industry inches out of the downturn, we have to focus on moving forward and adapt with the changing environment,” says Jess Hall, 2012 chair of the NAHB Land Development Committee. “We want to play a role in providing valuable information to our peers to better help their businesses and this publication provides the perfect vehicle for that.”

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