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Surge In Email Availability Drives Down List Prices

A 26 percent jump in email address data availability results in cross-channel price competition.

List marketing agency Worldata released its winter 2013 list pricing trend report and an increase in email data and address availability has resulted in price reductions as sources become more competitive on pricing.

Since the 2012 Winter report, the company says that there’s been a 26 percent increase in the number of rentable email addresses.

At the same time, the company says that some direct mail categories are stabilizing as the economy improves.

“This quarter we saw two distinct things take place,” says Ray Tesi, SVP of Worldata, according to a release. “The stabilization of many categories which mirrors the economy and the impact that increased retable email addresses is having on CPM’s within that channel. With more data sources overall in the email rental space, prices across the board of both business and consumer files are competing by lowering prices.”

Key email-related findings of the index show:

• Permission-based consumer email remains the lowest-priced category, with an average list price of $72/M. This is an $8/M decrease from its price in winter 2012 and the lowest priced list category in the history of the List Price Index, dropping $2/M from its price last quarter, the previous holder of the lowest ever price in a category.

• The second lowest priced category of Winter 2013 at $78/M is aggregated business databases.

• Permission-based medium-large business email files show a straight average CPM of $240/M, maintaining its position as the highest-priced domestic category for list rental this quarter, although it is a $11/M decrease from Winter 2012.

• The largest price decrease from winter 2012 to winter 2013 occurred in the aggregated email business database category, which dropped $19/M from winter 2012 to $140/M.

In the meantime, average pricing for consumer magazines fell $2/M year-to-year, dropping two percent  to $91/M.

Both the controlled and paid b-to-b magazine list prices remained flat in pricing, at $137/M and $129/M, respectively.




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